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Gadgets You’ll Want for Your New iPhone 7

So the new iPhone is out and we think that there’s definitely a very mix of reviews. Some people love it, but others not so much (even some hardcore Apple fans). But this post is not to discuss the pros and cons of the new iPhone 7, instead we want to show you some cool gadgets that you might actually enjoy and make the use of your iPhone 7 easier and more enjoyable.


So we all know that Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack was probably one of the biggest complaints, but the iLDOCK offers an easy solution plus some other goodies you might find enticing.

sgnl Smartstrap

So if this doesn’t make you feel like 007, we don’t know what else will. Don’t know how they made this possible, but you can forget about your bluetooth headsets cause something much better is here!

Smooth 2 Gimbal

For all you video aficionados, the iPhone is capable of recording some awesome video. It is incredible so see what some people are creating with their iPhones and here’s a tool for all of you that want to take your videography to a higher level!

Well that is it for now, but being since the iPhone 7 just entered the market, we’re sure there are going to be many more accessories coming out soon and we’ll be sure to post some more on future posts.