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James Nelson

Dyslexia and Art

What do famous artists such as Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, and Andy Warhol have in common? Aside from being world renown artists with much sought after pieces of art, they all are believed to have been dyslexic. In case you are not familiar with dyslexia, it is one of the most common reading disorders that exists today. Many people see dyslexia as the disorder of seeing letters and words backwards or reversed, which is true in many cases, but it is definitely not true for all dyslexics. In fact there are some dyslexics that can read perfectly, but have trouble processing information in other ways, such as with math.

Many dyslexics tend to suffer from low self-esteem. Unfortunately today’s educational system, with some exceptions of course, tend to not diagnose kids with dyslexia and simply see them as problematic students who do not like to study or pay attention, not realizing the severe difficulties that these children are really dealing with in trying to learn like the rest of their peers.

But there is also another side to dyslexia that is very positive. Dyslexics may not do well with certain cognitive processing, but they far excel in others. For example, dyslexics tend to have an incredible imagination, are very innovative, have strong practical skills, and are out of the box thinkers. This is a very big benefit when it comes to being creative and therefore taking art to a whole new level.

There is a good friend of mine named Allen Weinstein who is a self-mad multi-millionaire. Allen could not read until he was 13 years old and was labeled “dumb” by his teachers and classmates. He is 82 years old and has an incredible story to tell which you can find out more about on his website AllenWeinstein.com (there you will be able to find out more on how a dyslexic child that was doomed for failure turned his life into one of enormous success). The reason why I wanted to include Allen Weinstein in this post, was because not only is he a very successful entrepreneur, but he is also an artist with a collection of unique art that I truly admire. Watch this short video below.


A Look At Tesla’s Solar Roof Panels

We’re sure your Facebook newsfeeds were bombarded with Elon Musk’s latest reveal of Tesla’s solar roof tiles last week. Seems like Elon is always wowing us with the latest and greatest in cutting edge technology. It’s definitely nice to have someone willing to go beyond the norm when it comes to developing technology that not only looks and works great, but is great for our environment.

In case you were hiding under a rock last week and haven’t seen Elon’s recent press event, take 15 minutes of your time and watch the video below!

Are hats are tipped to Elon Musk and his continued work towards sustainable energy!


Gadgets You’ll Want for Your New iPhone 7

So the new iPhone is out and we think that there’s definitely a very mix of reviews. Some people love it, but others not so much (even some hardcore Apple fans). But this post is not to discuss the pros and cons of the new iPhone 7, instead we want to show you some cool gadgets that you might actually enjoy and make the use of your iPhone 7 easier and more enjoyable.


So we all know that Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack was probably one of the biggest complaints, but the iLDOCK offers an easy solution plus some other goodies you might find enticing.

sgnl Smartstrap

So if this doesn’t make you feel like 007, we don’t know what else will. Don’t know how they made this possible, but you can forget about your bluetooth headsets cause something much better is here!

Smooth 2 Gimbal

For all you video aficionados, the iPhone is capable of recording some awesome video. It is incredible so see what some people are creating with their iPhones and here’s a tool for all of you that want to take your videography to a higher level!

Well that is it for now, but being since the iPhone 7 just entered the market, we’re sure there are going to be many more accessories coming out soon and we’ll be sure to post some more on future posts.